AURO Lime paints

Lime paints, the traditional mineral paints, are experiencing a renaissance. The ready-to-use products come in blue buckets and are based on especially dispersed pit lime of premium quality. They are universally applicable as they are characterised by their excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates but also to woodchip, gypsum plasterboard and clay. Thanks to their moisture-controlling properties they provide for an optimum indoor climate at home and are ideally suited for mould prevention. Smoothing technique The smoothing technique gives a glossy, highly compressed finish which is silky and smooth to the touch. Furthermore, it has a wonderful marble effect. Just touch this finish and you will be thrilled! The coating is very solid and resistant thanks to the high compression obtained during the application. And you can apply an additional coat of colourless wall glaze wax to obtain a moisture repellent finish so that this technique can also be used in bathrooms. To this aim, high-grade lime filler, which is tinted in colour, is applied by trowel exerting pressure and is therefore highly compressed.