Those of us who prefer more subtle and natural surfaces should oil and/or wax their wood. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood and reduces its absorbency. The wood is then well protected from soiling and water but still breathable. The wood feels natural and is characterised by a more intense colour shade. A final wax layer makes your furniture and wooden surfaces even more robust. The wax forms a protective film. Minor damage can be easily repaired by sanding and applying another layer of oil or wax. As with wooden floors, you can choose from three systems: PurSolid: gives an elegant, more shiny wood shade, contains no organic or volatile solvents and no water and has an extremely high spreading rate Aqua: gives a less shiny, more natural wood look, is free of organic solvents and characterised by its low odour AURO Classic: gives a slightly honey-coloured wood shade, contains natural solvents (citrus fruit skin oil) and is fast drying