AURO Topical sheets

These fact sheets contain helpful consumer information on various products. Care instructions for oiled or waxed floors High-grade lime products: Tips for substrate preparation Protecting woods from mould and blue stain No. 102/No. 811 Oil and Cleaner for garden furniture No. 106/No. 107 Care oil and Care wax No. 108 Worktop oil No. 109/No. 109-90 One-off oil No. 110/No. 801 Terrace oil and Terrace cleaner No. 115 Oil for garden furniture, Aqua Universal pretreatment of woods rich in active substances: Special primer No. 117 No. 307/308/309 Roll- and brush renderings - information No. 307/ 308/ 309 Roll- and brush renderings - photos No. 328 Airfresh wallpaint No. 814 Wainscot white