AURO Produkte für Wände & Decken

"Clothes make the man" is a well-known proverb. Actually, you could also say "Colours make the room". Elaborately designed wall and ceiling surfaces are a feast for the eyes and give you a clear idea of the personality of those who live in these four walls. Our organic paints create the best possible conditions for a good climate at home. Each product label gives a precise description of the ingredients used. We consistently comply with the principle of gentle chemistry. Our products are 100 % free of synthetic toxic agents and harmful substances. Dispersion wall paints AURO offers white wall paints in different qualities for the coating of large wallpaper and plaster surfaces. You have the choice between various wall paints depending on the stress the surfaces will be exposed to and the desired whiteness. Lime paints Lime paints, the traditional mineral paints, are experiencing a renaissance. The ready-to-use products come in blue buckets and are based on especially dispersed pit lime of premium quality. They are universally applicable as they are characterised by their excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates but also to woodchip, gypsum plasterboard and clay. Thanks to their moisture-controlling properties they provide for an optimum indoor climate at home and are ideally suited for mould prevention. Powder paint Lime-casein paint is the best alternative for wall coatings entirely free of solvents. It is suitable for most walls indoors but should not be used in damp rooms. The powder is simply mixed with water, preferably using a drill mounted stirrer. The mixed paint should be applied within 10 hours. Tinting paints A feast for the eyes instead of white monotony! Here, the design options are virtually unlimited. As a matter of fact, our tinting paints can be mixed with wall paint or added to plaster or be mixed with each other at any mixing ratio. Those of us who prefer strong colours can also apply pure tinting paint on top of the fully dried wall paint. Let us inspire you in terms of colour with our elaborately handmade colour charts which are available from your AURO dealer. Or test our Colour Designer. Special wall paints In the past, wall paints were merely designed to visually embellish interiors. The new generation of wall paints has a lot more to offer: not only does it provide visible freshness, but it also effectively decomposes harmful substances and odours by means of light and thus creates a healthy indoor climate for your wellbeing. The best effect of AURO Airfresh wall paint is obtained by exposure to daylight, but artificial light sources are also suitable. And what?s more: the decomposition process does not decrease over time, but the effectiveness remains constant over the coating?s entire lifetime. The AURO product range also includes other special wall paints, e.g. anti-mould paint or silicate paint based on organic materials without added acrylic binders. Plaster Individually textured walls make your rooms livelier, warmer and more interesting. AURO offers ready-to-use plaster in different grit sizes and densities as well as dispersion plaster and lime plaster for application by paint roller or by brush. Lime plaster is the number one choice for mould prevention. Smoothing technique The smoothing technique gives a glossy, highly compressed finish which is silky and smooth to the touch. Furthermore, it has a wonderful marble effect. Just touch this finish and you will be thrilled! The coating is very solid and resistant thanks to the high compression obtained during the application. And you can apply an additional coat of colourless wall glaze wax to obtain a moisture repellent finish so that this technique can also be used in bathrooms. To this aim, high-grade lime filler, which is tinted in colour, is applied by trowel exerting pressure and is therefore highly compressed. Wall glazes The repeated application of transparent glaze paints in colours which either complement each other or are rich in contrast leads to colour changes and depth effects with a natural appearance. Vegetable wall glaze paints compel through the natural effect of the vegetable pigments used. Wall glaze waxes with mineral pigments stand out due to their striking colourfulness and their excellent protection of walls after polishing.