AURO Produkte für Holzfußböden

Wood is the focus of a beautiful home, wood floorings give a warm, welcoming and homely feel to many homes. Solid wood flooring needs regular treatment to preserve its natural look and ensure it remains beautiful for all its life. We are determind to ensure the longiveaty of your beautiful floor. Wood, being a living material needs to breath. Throught its pores it apsorbs the moisture and releases the same as and when needed into our living space and the envoirnment. The advantages of treating the floor with natural Oils and Wood products are obvious, it is the choice we make to live in a healthier, happier room climate and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. All our AURO Floor products are protecting your floor with naturally grown ingredients only and have been tried and tested over decades. Auro Floor Products cater for all types of flooring: Simple floor boards, Parquet or Solid Woods of all types. Auro Oils: The classic treatment to encourage the natural look of the flooing once again. The slightly golden shade harmonises wonderfully with the woods natural grain and embraces its knots and lines. Oiling and waxing your wooden floors with nautral wax from Auro-World provides your Floow with a breathability, open pores and a dirt repellent finish. Auro Wax: The elegance of the shine of a waxed floor is undoubtably breathtaking. Auro-World wax treats and protects your wood flooing with a thin protective film wich increases its wear and tear and durability. Auro Oil - Wax combinations: Large areas are best and most effectively treated with this 2-1 solution. Often used by professionals due to its effectiveness and it is easy to apply to an untreated or pre-oiled base. In this range we differentiate between the PurSolid with adds a suttle but elegent sheen to your flooring and the Aqua Range wich enhances a matt and more natural look of your floor. You have the choice between three systems: PurSolid, Aqua and AURO Classic. PurSolid provides you with an elegant, more shiny wood shade, contains no organic or volatile solvents and no water and has an extremely high spreading rate AQUA: a solvent free wood treatment wich enhances the natural look of the wood with a high durability and a suttle, moderate shine. LYES & SOAPS enhances and keeps the woods natural look. It even protects your wood from darkeing due to sunlight exposure. The Lyes and Soap treatmen encourages the wood to breath. Wood merely treated with lye and soap has a natural, light-coloured look.Lyes and Soap treatment is best for less traffic areas and requires regular re-treatment to ensure protection of your wood flooring. Auro also offers an extensive range of natural cleaners to ensure long lasting, healthy protection of your wood flooring SH